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Be my Valentine: Extravagant love

Extravagant Love: Be my Valentine

A bit of transparency for Valentines day. I really dig a little creative writing. 😊 <3

God has been speaking so loudly through the events of the past week so during this season of Love I thought I would share. I was so undone by it all as piece after piece came together.

The song “I choose you” by Ryann Darling was a huge piece in the end.

Even if you are single, know that you are loved deeply.

Day 1:

He looked deep into her eyes. His hand gently glided across her cheek. A wave of love touched her thankful heart. The joy of being loved and accepted welled up and she tried not to cry but tears came anyway. Her thoughts were in and out of that moment for days as she pondered how much she had guarded her heart against rejection. She had missed much, but now she had gained even more. Love conquers all.

Day 2:

Extravagant Love, one of her husband’s fav songs.

Rich walked in from the gym and she could hear it playing on his Bluetooth. He had just added it to his workout playlist. Hearing the song put it on repeat in her mind for days and she sang it over and over as she went through her daily routine. God was speaking deep, and this wasn’t the first time He had used her husband to spark something in her. Healing, vision or even the simple voice of reason, was always needed in her head full of ideas. She was thankful for him.

Day 3:

She poured the medium onto the canvas like she always did to prepare for a time of creativity. It was easier than dipping the brush over and over into the container. As she grabbed the brush to spread it across the canvas she paused, taken back by what she saw. The gesso! It was mounded into the shape of an ear! A perfectly shaped dimensional ear! He is speaking to me! “Do you hear me daughter, My love is extravagant.”


The pages opened to Psalm 49. Listen up, everyone! All you who reside in this world, give an ear! Everyone- rich and poor, young and old, wise and foolish, humble and mighty- My mouth will overflow with wisdom; the reflections of my heart will guide you to understand the nature of life. I will tune my ear to the words of a proverb; to the sounds of a harp, I will reveal my riddle.

The song continued in her head. “Your love is extravagant.” She found the chords to play it.

Day 4:

She stood against the wall gripped with fear. An occasional glimpse of lyrical movement ran through her head. “This is the day,” she told herself.

The words of her husband came to life in her mind as she saw herself twirl and leap through the air. “One day, you will just wake up and be able to do it” he said. I see you twirling and leaping onto the canvas.” She hoped he was right. She desperately wanted to release the movement that seemed to be pulling her into deep waters.

The voice of the instructor intercepted her thoughts. “This isn’t about skill, this is about a connection with the Father. Movement and expression coming out of that and tuning everything else out.”

She remained frozen. Today wasn’t the day.

As she walked out of class into the rain that night she prayed once again to connect even more. Honestly, she felt connected in many ways, but this was deeper water. Is there some dark covenant from past generations left unbroken? Some ancestral sin keeping me from Him?

A thoughtful drive home brought even more questions.


She flipped open the pages.. searching once again.

Numbers 34.. This is the exact territory you should take, (speaking of Cannan ) as promised to you, by me for an inheritance throughout the succeeding generations.

Another version said: when you enter Canaan, the land will be allotted to you as an inheritance.

They were sent to overtake Canaan!

Cannan-From 3665=humiliated

3665-to bend the knee, hence, to humiliate, vanquish, bring down low in the subjection, under, humble (self) subdue

Vanquish-defeat thoroughly

She felt a surge of revelation rise up. He is confirming it again! This is meant for me to do! Not just for me, but for those to come!

It was late. She went to sleep and dreamt.

In the dream,, she saw people fill the streets. It looked like there was going to be in a production of some sort. Actors dressed in costumes that seemed animated. They began to speak with passion and move with passion, acting out what was in their hearts. She knew they were being all they were created to be, releasing all that was in them. The expression they wanted to be in the earth. When she woke she was even more determined to see this through. She had to connect in a new way.

Lana Vawser's word came to mind. "There are encounters with His eyes in the upper room.” she had prayed for that and on some level, had also feared it, but not anymore. Connect to express. Love never fails.

Day 6:

She stood in the church with her bag full of valentines. Who should I give them to? she wondered. A few people popped into her mind. It had seemed like a good idea when they made them in the group, but she found herself feeling that familiar pang of rejection when having to hand them out. The thoughts played out in her mind. If you put them in front of me father, I will do it. He did so she sowed the seeds of love.

Day 7:

It all came together.

A song played in the background of the video and she felt moved by the music. It was a wedding song. As the song progressed, it was about more than a wedding. It was about choosing Jesus and being chosen by Him. It was in those moments she realized the words of the song were what she had been praying about. The connection. An amazing parallel!

“Look into my eyes dear, cause this is where it starts.”

“I’ll give you my whole heart, for my whole life.”

She danced with new freedom until tears took her breath away. He wants to move mountains with me and through me! She danced with purpose. I just need to let Him love me, she thought.

We sow love and we reap a harvest.

This is our love to Him, giving ourselves wholeheartedly. Surrendering all, to be the expression He created us to be in the earth. Allowing ourselves to be touched by his love. His perfect love.

Diving in deep. Giving it all to Him. Not just for us, but for the ones that come after us.

You crown us with unfailing love.. Psalm 103

My banner over you is love.. Song of Solomon 2

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