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The Secret Door

I had this dream the other night .. and in this dream I was looking for some flowers to make a bouquet.. This lady was helping me choose some flowers.. there were tulips..seems like all the flowers in the dream were tulips.. I remember pink and red ones specifically.. I was looking at the tulips and somehow I knew about this other room to look in and asked her about it.. She was like “oh yeah, sure” Like all I had to do is ask..and she took me there..

Then we were in another place..there was a secret room behind this wall that I knew about.. It had a secret door…I was telling her I had been there before and knew how to open it.. It was a multi door opening that looked like a wall.. You wouldn’t know it was an entrance if you were just looking at it with natural eyes.. But I knew.. So I was telling her I knew how to open it .. I pushed this wall and it began to open sideways a closet door..then I realized there were several doors in one.. Like they all began to slide at one time to the left. I noticed they were pretty doors with carving .. ornate looking ancient doors! they don’t make them like that any more !. I pushed them all open and went in.. I thought the way would be blocked but it wasn’t ..I was concerned for some reason i wasn’t allowed into this secret room but the person that was watching over this room saw me there and didn’t make me leave.. I was able to stay.. I think this is where i found what i was looking for..

I wrote the dream down in the middle of the night..I usually don’t even try to understand till later when i journal and research the dreams..a lot of times I won’t even remember what I wrote till I read it again! After getting Josiah off to school and making a cup of coffee, I look to see what God is saying to me for the day..

I opened up to psalm 90 and Moses was reflection on life’s journey.. even as far back as his ancestors.. how our days are numbered.. And in the midst of this Psalm there is a verse that hit me..

Psalm 90:14 with every sun’s rising, surprise us with Your love, satisfy us with Your kindness.. Then we will sing with joy and celebrate every day we are alive…

V 16 let Your work of love be on display for all Your servants..Let Your children see Your majesty.. And then let the beauty and grace of the Lord-our God- rest upon us and bring success to all we do; yes, bring success to all we do !

This was Moses’ song .. this was his prayer !! Surprise us with Your love, satisfy us with Your love ! and we will sing! Let your beauty and grace rest upon us !!It’s the secret place..where we encounter Him..

I looked up the tulips from the dream in Barbie Breathitt’s book and this is what I found !!Tulips : symbol of The Perfect Lover..grace and elegance.. Tulips red : believe me in my declaration of passionate love.. Tulips pink : caring, innocence.. Oh wow ..what a sweet invitation He extends to us.

So as I sit in the silence.. inhale ..exhale…oh the silence.. reflection on this invitation..The invitation to the secret place.. a place like no other…. after years of pressing in and feeling like I couldn’t reach Him.. wanting to enter into the deeper place… Finally.. inhale .. exhale.. I’m beginning to experience this new place .. this secret place..surely it has been there all along.. But hidden by my own own fears.. what a beautiful place of abandon He longs to take us to.. How do we miss so much of Him? Why do we settle for so little of Him? and think we know intimacy?…

As I began to worship I see this scene unfold and I realized it is the dream from last was the hidden room where I found what I was looking for.. These tulips are the ones that create the bridal bouquet.. Then He begins to give me this spontaneous song..tears..yes ..tears.. “The love song is the key” and the song has continued to develope over this last week or so in quiet times with Him..I’m so amazed every time He comes in.. like a sweet breeze..He speaks in such a sweet way ..such a loving way..

WESTSIDE KINGDOM The secret door.

“Rahava , come with me ..i have something to show you ..There is a secret place..hidden from sight..You’ve been here before.. As you searched for me in the past.. but didn’t understand how you accessed this secret place…But this time you will have the key.. No longer will the way be blocked to longer will you wonder “how did I get here?”You have found the secret place ..It is the love song that opens the door and I have placed that song in your heart.. allow me to abide in you.. As you abide in me..I will surprise you with my love..I will show you my sweetness.. My gentleness.. And your thirst will be quenched.. Sing a new song to me Rahava.. One from your heart..then sing it again..”

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