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Hey !!!

Thought I would share a bit about what's going on over at SchundelArts!! Creativity has taken a turn !! I keep thinking about something I heard the other day.. "Evaluate your resources and step into your next level of creativity!!"~Chuck Pierce.. I def do not have a lack of creativity going on!! ever!! I could get creative with a pile of leaves, glue and cardboard!! haha! But, sometimes you just need a change! A change of scenery.. maybe a change in perspective .. In my case, a few coats of paint on every piece of furniture I own is the change I need !! haha.. So, after HOURS of looking at recipes for homemade chalk paint (because I'm just like that..) and looking at TONS of tutorials for painting furniture (hey! you want to know how to do it right !!) I finally decided on some colors.. well kinda..lets just say, it took more than one trip to the paint store before I was ready to start! #homedepot .. BTW, they give you free paint stirrers and lid openers!! After buying the paint, going back was no longer an option, so I jumped in and embraced the the new !! Whats the worst that could happen? right?.. This is just mixed media on furniture!! If you don't like it add another layer!! hahaha!!

I think you don't realize how boring and mundane things around you become until you add something bright and new.. Then all of a sudden what you were cool with yesterday, is on the way out the door !! or at least ready for an upgrade!

I tell you what, this restoration process was really speaking to me these last few days.. even the colors!! all I see is life !! "Early Spring & Plumage !! Even in life when I look around lately.. Its like I stepped into the new and didn't even realize I needed to!! It's def a process preparing, but when you step in its a break through!! BAM !! A color blast in this case !! And what started as a plain old brown chair, is now an amazing beautiful piece of furniture !! Let the restoration begin !!

This is one of the set of old chairs that were given to me .. I sanded it a little... I mean very little..

I started with the first coat of chalk paint .. The DIY chalk paint recipe was on Pinterest .. The ingredients were flat Latex paint (they tinted it free @ #homedepot ) water and calcium carbonate (which I bought on Amazon).. I mixed it all up and slapped it on!!

I started with this bright green color!! Early Spring! got it @ #Homedepot

(and yes I am doing this inside my apartment :) Hey! at least I threw a sheet over the couch ! I got this !! I also doubled a drop cloth to cover the carpet! ( I did have one accident and had to break out the carpet cleaner but it came right up! ) Me on the other hand .. I got paint all over myself!

This chalk paint dries fast but I had other stuff going on so I waited till the next day for the second coat..

The second coat is an awesome teal color !! " Plumage" !! I layered it on and by the time I finished it was dry enough to start distressing with a damp rag !! The paint hadn't fully dried so it was really easy to rub off the top layer and see the green underneath!! Amazing color combo!! I have to say it was super exciting and I now I may be in danger of painting everything in the apartment!! Here are a couple pics of the progress!! Excuse the dog toy and my hubby's shoes ! I love how they look so far !! I may still add some antique glaze before I'm done.. Have to finish the hutch too!! When I finally get them the way I want them I will seal them with some polyurethane ..I need something durable around here !!

I really love the way they turned out !! I'll post some more pics as I go along !! Not bad for my first time painting furniture with chalk paint!! If I can do it , you can do it too !! see you soon!!

Creative Blessings, Andrea @ #SchundelArts

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