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Destiny Revealed

Monday 1/9/17

I got this amazing spontaneous song Monday morning..and it seems like everything has been trying to stop me from sharing ! oh man, the tears…it was like a flow of His Spirit moving through me and I could feel the life coming into me.. I began to see where all of these things had hindered His presence in me and there was this rush of the new ! His presence pressing out the past.. all of the things that had done their perfect work no longer needed .. the fragrance springing up ..oh the fragrance.. the clarity!

It was like i could see myself becoming.. It was the culmination of all things past…even the pain..all of it.. even our “mis steps” as Chuck P called them Sunday, becoming a part of the story! The bloodlines coming together and being awakened..somehow all of it a part of this amazing plan of redemption.. It was joining with my DNA.. Who I was created to be, the unique me.. even the parts of me I couldn’t see.. It’s all part of the plan. His original design !!! The destiny created before time began..(yes, I’m saying it again ! I think it’s because i am just so amazed right now!!) I can’t seem to get away from the ancient things being redeemed.. It’s my story ..our story…such an amazing story!! We are predestined, led and guided by Him ..While being molded by the process of all those things.. and being healed in that process as well!! oh how amazing and overwhelming at the same time.. God is so big..and His plans are so big… It’s all Him.. He just does it the seeking He just does it !!

Jeremiah 29;13 If you seek me with all of your heart you will find me!!! We will find Him and in that we will find ourselves.. No longer just existing. But truly living and experiencing Him.. being in Him.

God remove all of the hindrances and structures that are blocking your presence ..your indwelling ..God come and dwell in us!!


“It was me in the reflection as you gazed into the river.. but you only saw yourself.. It was me in the distant storm but you only saw the rain.. It was me in the rushing river as the mist kissed your face.. It was me in the song of the birds. I was calling your name.. Even in the dark places there was beauty becoming. In the silence I have been molding.. I have been writing a story unlike any other.. Pulling from the past..and weaving together.. These are all part of who you are.. Rahava..Dream .. Dream until your dreams come true.. They are your very destiny ..Conceived within you”

As He spoke Rahava began to see what she hadn’t seen before.. Her eyes were opened to the beauty of it all..She felt something new..something blooming inside of her. Her hopes and dreams coming alive..her destiny revealed..the pressing has become the fragrance..oh what a fragrance..

Here is the song He gave me..

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