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A Cool Drink of Intimacy

Man..the holidays are always so hectic.. Kids and grand-kids out of school.. so many things to do..Food decisions.. MANY - food - decisions...Trying to stay connected to The SOURCE of LIFE ! this is my main focus! Quiet times are few and I feel nuts if I can't get some time alone to soak.. My husband always tells me.."this is only a couple weeks and you feel this way every year" .. take a deep breath Andrea...He is dwelling within you..(self talk here) sometimes i just whisper a song to Him in the midst of cooking or whatever I'm doing when these thoughts hit me.. "You are good and Your love endures..You are my hiding place.. my strong tower.." the new song.. and as it goes up His presence is made manifest in my kitchen.. my laundry room ..and anywhere else I go..the connection..the deep connection..yes..He's all I need..

Zechariah 12:1 says….The Eternal One, who began existence by stretching out the sky and founding the earth and forming the spirit deep in man. He has put His spirit deep within us !! It is there .. an access point if you will..we are connected with Him always..every minute! Just the revelation of that blows my mind !! We are so earthly minded most of the time that we forget the life that lives within Powerful ! God made a way for some alone time and as I was worshiping I saw this gush of a waterfall…It was pouring into me from top to to soul… it was cool and refreshing and I could feel it in the spirit awakening and refreshing.. It was reaching the innermost places that only He can reach.. “a cool drink of intimacy” i thought... It was like I could take a deep breath and the water was saturating me..hydrating me.. yeah that's a good word to describe what it felt was intimacy, healing and everything combined..reminds me of what the guy on the movie “Risen” said about Jesus rising and bursting out of the tomb.. He said “the light.. the sound..It was everything” Touching that deep place He put in man.. The place of connection that allows us to get so close that we can hear his heartbeat.. Where we find ourselves overwhelmed with emotion.. Undone by his presence.. It's the same every time ..yet new every time..creating this longing.. This thirst for another drink..

West-side Kingdom.. A Cool Drink of Intimacy..

“Rahava, I have placed something deep within you.. Before you were formed in the womb.. And despite the wandering of your generations past , you have searched for me..and that deep thing is still there.. It has been dormant for a season, but I am awakening the bloodlines through you...This is the war Rahava..The war over the blood line..But the hope of redemption dwells within you and I am igniting the smoldering flame..That Hope will give you strength! Let your heart fully return to me..I will call your generations and they will return to me.. You will remember your first love and you will know the intimacy I once had with your generations long ago..All of the stains of the past will be removed.. Washed away in a moment.. Let me love you.. Let me restore you ..I will awaken you with a cool drink of Intimacy.. Let it wash over you..Step into the place of surrender and allow yourself to feel my river rushing... Allow yourself to receive..“ Yes. Yes...Let it be!.“ she agreed..

"Step in" Step into intimacy with Him and be made new..

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