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Seeing Beyond

Seeing Beyond

Some things are clear and some not so clear.. Sometimes we have to look beyond the surface of what we are seeing because the beauty is not always where we expect it to be.. sometimes buried ..or lost in the process.. But it’s still there if we look for it like treasure..

A couple months ago I felt led to start doing some liquid acrylic pours.. I was fascinated by the process and the freedom of it all.. I didn’t really have any further vision for it at that point, but I was feeling the pull.. Now I’m seeing it was the leading of an in tune God.. Calling me… Pulling me into destiny.. Just not the way I thought it would be..

The creative process.. There’s something about it that amazes me!! Not the duplication of art but the creation of a new thing.. Where you don’t even know how it happened.. It just evolves. And that moment when you see something that you hadn’t planned, something you hadn’t seen before emerges!! Something so amazing you couldn’t have created on your own.. Oh man, How I love it ..

So the day finally came to do the first liquid acrylic pour ..I was so excited!! Expectant!! I was hoping as the paint was being poured that God would speak. I was searching in the colors and in the design for a picture.. I watched as the colors came up and shifted.. Hoping for a sign… Hoping for something alive something completely out of my control.. something completely God.. Wanting to see something prophetic maybe even a confirmation about this new direction I was hearing. But Once the paint settled I wasn’t satisfied.. Don’t get me wrong, the pour was amazing, but I still didn’t get that feeling.. That feeling when something clicks and everything on the inside of you is awakened and you know.. This !.. is ! .. it ! I looked into the cup.. There was a little paint in the bottom, still mixing as the paint settled.. And I thought ..hmm.. Not much paint in the bottom but decided to take a pic anyway.. And as soon as I put the camera in position.. I saw it! click.. Amazing!!..My body was vibrating !! That’s it !! The unexpected!! I was buzzing with revelation ! I wasn’t even sure of what I was seeing but I loved it!! I don’t think it even had to do with what I was seeing at first.. It was more about what I was feeling and hearing ! The cup ! How could it be in the cup!?!? God was speaking in the cup!! I was looking for the beauty in the canvas.. Not the cup!?!

Is that humanity or what!!! We are always seeing the outside appearance of things!! Not seeing the depth of what God is doing.. Even in ourselves! The painting was beautiful but the process that happened in the cup is what determined the outcome of the painting !! The canvas isn’t the only place God is forming and speaking !!

The first thing that stood out to me about the image was the flower like design! I thought “Bloom!!” The NEW is Blooming!!! And I wanted to put some words that described what I felt God was saying. All that was coming to me was “Seeing Beyond”.. I was so blown away by God speaking in that unlikely place!! Seeing beyond the obvious place of beauty !! The creative process itself being beautiful!! He makes all things beautiful!! But when I showed the image to my friends they all saw different things ! One saw and embryo !! Life Blooming!!! Another saw an iris and pupil and I thought “This IS about seeing!! My sister saw an Indian headdress in the image !! I am so amazed how God is speaking through this one image in so many different ways!! When God is leading us into the new it doesn’t look like who we are today.. There isn’t just one simple interpretation of our identity because He sees us as who we will be.. Created in his image.. and Everything along the way!! Fully moving in who we are created to be.. All the pieces of the puzzle coming together .. The little clues along the way begin to fit together as our identity forms. The outside appearance of who we are today is not the fullness of who we are in the end !! like a quote I saw on Face Book the other day.. ” Don’t let your current situation define your Identity !! ” Look Again.. See Beyond.. Embrace the New !!

Seeing Beyond.. Some things are clear .. And some things are not.. We look to the canvas to see.. Searching.. the colors foresee.. A meaning beyond the ordinary.. Hoping for extraordinary.. But sometimes amazing things.. Are in the simple things.. The things that seem forgotten.. Yet part of the process.. Even the paint that remains.. Speaks ..and so it says.. Expect the unexpected.. Search for hidden treasure.. See beyond the obvious.. Look for me in all things..

Isaiah 45:3 The Voice I will give you hidden treasures and wealth tucked away in secret places; I will reveal them to you ..Then you will know that I am the Eternal, the God of Israel, who calls you by name

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