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The Process

The Process… There is beauty in every season..

I received a prophetic word about a month ago and the woman said she saw an egg hatching.. She expected to see a chick pop out, but as she watched, the shell cracked open and it was a peacock !! What a visual ! She said study the colors of the peacock’s feathers.. so I googled it ! haha! And I found something super interesting!! The peacock’s feathers are actually pigmented brown ! The colors appear as a result of “structural coloration” ((the production of color by microscopically structured surfaces fine enough to interfere with visible light)) They are actually brown!!! But when the light hits them they gradually change color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes !!!! The colors come ALIVE and CHANGE in the LIGHT !! This spoke to me in so many ways!! God’s light brings out the beauty in us !! Throughout these last few weeks many different pieces began to come together.. The visual and the interpretation were forming.. I began to see more throughout the worship times at Gozi and God kept adding to the revelation!! !! Finally.. I got the rest of the vision..and as I began to seek God about how to paint this revelation I got hit from all sides ! Amazon lost my art products! Internet company lost my payment and sent the wrong modem ! Had a week long ordeal with them! then the car broke down!! Found mold in my venting system in the apartment and had to move all the furniture so they could come and clean it all out!! two weeks of torture ! Haha.. I had to really press to even focus and hear God about what to paint.. When I felt like i finally got it the way i wanted it, off to the printer I went.. I get the scan done and the peacock feathers were dark on the proof… I was somewhat bummed but the chick at the print place suggested I try photo shop and hopefully I could lighten the feathers .. I called my creative buddy Deb and she said.. “I bet a picture would capture the colors in the feathers better” …….. LIGHT BULB MOMENT !!! The light !! on the feathers !! It needs natural light !! Here again the perfect example of what I read about the feathers !! How prophetic ! This is not man made illumination that causes these colors to come alive! The scanner is full of light bulbs but did not illuminate the colors!!

Just like the egg cracking open.. when we break out of that past season His light can shine on us.. but first we have to press!! It’s the PROCESS !! The process of pressing to birth something new ! That is what the painting was about !! The process many of us have been in… this period of incubation.. Isolation.. or should I say preparation Inside that egg!!!! Where the very beginning fragile stage of life begins .. A place where protection is needed.. Where we are growing and developing and waiting for just the right timing.. The full term of what God is working in us for this new season.. Sometimes it can feel like a place of confinement… The waiting.. Oh, the waiting.. It’s easy to lose sight of the vision in this season because everything is changing and He is forming a NEW VISION!!!!

This preparation place is also a place of hopes and dreams that we have yet to step into! The Expectation of something amazing that only God can do in us! Continually strengthening us in this Process until we are full term.. ready for birth.. and He breaks us into the new !! The worship, prayer, even the resistance of that season forms the perfect atmosphere to grow that new thing ! And when it is time.. Fullness of time.. There is a pressing.. within.. And out… but you need something more.. The last season’s Warfare strategies, worship and revelation won’t help you break out because they were part of the incubation process, part of the past season.. The breaking out comes from within.. It is something new..It comes with a new song.. A new vision…something that has been building.. Becoming.. It comes from God working in us .. His Glory within us! Pressing outward and cracking open the shell for the New Vision to come forth!! Where all the old has fallen away.. The process has made us stronger and now we can break through where we couldn’t in the past season !! We press and the shell begins to crack open !! Our eyes see the fresh new revelation!! The new thing that God has is in front of us ! We can see the NEW WAY! The NEW DOOR ! We begin to emerge in the fullness of Who We Are ! .. We step out in a NEW STRENGTH ! A NEW AUTHORITY! We are EQUIPPED for the season ahead.. The beauty of Who We Are emerges! HIS light illuminating the colors of who He created us to be!! It’s time to BREAK OUT !!

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.. He has also set eternity in the human heart : Yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.. Incubation.. Preparation.. The cracking open.. The new Emerging..

New revelation.. Causing us to see.

The new place of destiny.. Let a New song arise.. His Glory inside ..

Look up.. Let me shine.. Let my light illuminate your true colors

A beauty newly seen..

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