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Engage:  This image came to me after hearing this prophesy at church Sunday.. here is part of a prophesy that came out of Glory of Zion  June 17 2018

The KINGDOM CLASH is Upon You! Do Not Resist the

Head-On Collision!
“There is a KINGDOM CLASH that is upon you, and you are in the midst of this KINGDOM CLASH! You are seeing, feeling, and called to embrace this KINGDOM CLASH. I am causing kingdoms to realign, and without you there cannot be a realignment. The Kingdom is within you! Therefore, you are vital in this realignment that is occurring.

Do not resist the clash! Allow the Kingdom within you to rise up and realign the earth around you! Don’t shrink back! Don’t shrink back! Don’t shrink back! Backwards is calling you, but rise up and clash with Me in those things around you in this head-on collision. You may want to shrink back and go backwards to avoid what you are about to collide against, but go straight forward! Don’t try to veer to the right or left! This is a time you must collide head on!

"Engage" Art Print

SKU: 366615376135191
Mat Board Frame Color
  •  This is a high quality laser print of my original prophetic art that was created with a variety of mixed media and digitally created art.. The print is packed inside a clear sleeve for protection and placed between two pieces of cardboard for added safety during shipping..

    Watermark "SArts" will NOT appear on your print

    8" x 10" ( 11"x14" with frame) print comes mounted in matboard frame and backing clear sleeve..


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